Product Description

Hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (HFRS) due to these viruses. ImmunoMed Hanta Rapid tests for Hantaan and Seoul virus antibodies. After applying the diluted serum, plasma or blood to the test device, the IgM antibody in this sample reacts first with the gold-conjugated animal anti-human IgG antibody and the IgG antibody reacts with the gold-conjugated protein A. Each reagent diffuses onto the membrane to bind the recombinant antigen to the T line (test).

High accuracy

– Recognize antibodies against hantaviruses that cause hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome.
– Maximum sensitivity (100%, 130/130) and specificity (98.2%, 167/170) *.
– Diagnose hemorrhagic fever with the renal syndrome with great precision.


  • Qualitative test to detect Hantavirus specific IgM and IgG antibodies in human blood (Serum, Plasma and Whole Blood).
  • Very easy to diagnose disease progress and reinfection status as IgM and IgG are analyzed at the same time.
  • Store at room temperature (1–30 ° C).
  • As a diagnostic kit, it is optimized for on-site diagnostics.
  • Interpret test results very quickly.


Catalogue number: AIH2030

Type Of Sample: Serum, Plasma, Whole Blood

Shelf Life: 18 months

Temp. Storage: 1 ~ 30 ℃

Packing Unit: 30T

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